Jerith Aluminum Fencing

Ovation Series Fence Styles


Ovation is a simple design which uses larger rails and pickets to meet most swimming pool enclosure codes without sacrificing strength. No pickets are exposed either above or below the rails for added safety. In addition, all Ovation style gates are equipped with a pool safety latch, similar to the one shown on the left. This latch has a built-in keylock and is magnetic triggered for reliable latching every time.

If you would like to have a fence with pointed pickets around your pool, then our Bravo Fence may be perfect for you. Bravo uses the same larger components as Ovation and is very similar in design, except that the pickets extend above the top rail and are pointed. This fence is only 52 tall, yet it still meets most pool codes.

Like the Bravo style, our Symphony Fence is a variation of the Ovation design. Pickets extend through the top rail and can have Imperial, Majestic, or Victorian finials added for an extra touch of elegance. This style is available in a 52 height to meet most pool codes.